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Log On and Eat – Now on the Interwebs!

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Last year, because of my food review misanthropy,  got the opportunity to be a part of a fantastic show on The Cooking Channel called “Log On and Eat With Eden Grinshpan“; a show that highlighted food critics and bloggers all over the country.

While I initially thought it was some sort of scam, it turned out that it was totally legit and after some legal wrangling and delays, it ended up airing last fall in October.  The bummer was that a lot of my friends and family weren’t able to see it because they didn’t have The Cooking Channel.

GOOD NEWS – the show finally had its digital launch and can be found here!  I’m in episode two “Big Cat Trucker” and my segment starts @ 11 minutes.  Or you could click this link instead.  Enjoy!

A perfect Bolton's fish sammich

A perfect Bolton’s fish sammich


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