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Silly Goose* (Silly Goose is neither silly nor contains goose)

This ain't Hogwarts, fellas...

This ain’t Hogwarts, fellas…

Oh how I hate hate hate communal tables.

When I first walked in during a lunch date with the wife, I clenched up.  Seriously, if I wanted to sit at a table with strangers, I’d hang out with some hobos at a soup kitchen.  Not to mention it is probably the #1 pretentious cliché of all time, next to hipster bartenders with ironic mustaches.

We are not amused

We are not amused

So, when I set foot in this joint of my wife’s choosing (this day, it was Silly Goose), I immediately went into a pissy “This place is bullshit” mood and was certainly on the defensive.  And let me tell you, I hate being wrong.  I was wrong about this place.

Initially pouting, I got a glass of water, whilst a chipper waitress gave the wife some sort of cider tea.  When I saw the menu, I started to bend.  I jumped to the “T-Bird”, which was basically a roast beast sandwich with blue gouda (who the hell knew that existed), peppers and all sorts of other goodness, easily the best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever had.  The fresh bread was perfect and the sandwich was constructed in such a way that you could actually hold it and get all of the ingredients in one bite, a frequently-missed feature at many sandwich places.  The presentation was excellent and it was served with a side of greens and cous cous.  The cous cous was the best damn cous cous I’ve ever had.  The wife got the “Saylor”, a really tasty eggplant sammich.  I finally chilled out enough to let the stick to fall out my butt and ended up getting some of the cider tea, which was great (though served in another cliché, the Mason jar).  Oh, and then they had me pay using an iPad.

Turns out that after 5:30, they flip a switch and this place turns into a badass dinner establishment, with multiple courses and a fine wine list.  They even do catering!  Chef Roderick Bailey knows what is up.

So, I was wrong, dammit.  While they may have some of my pet peeves in hipster dining, this is a pretty damn good place.  I felt the price for what I got hit the spot, and I still had room to go next door and grab some ice cream at Jeni’s.

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