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The Farm House – Yep, it’s a new restaurant

Great, rustic, farmy ambiance - splinter guaranteed!

Great, rustic, farmy ambiance – splinter guaranteed!

One of the tough things about this town is that the bar just keeps going up and up.  This city is for reals.
Now while I truly believe that there will always be schmucks who go to places like TGIO’Crapplebees, Demos, Spaghetti Factory, you know, the terrible places the mouth breathers flock to, when it comes to eating with a purpose, Nashville’s star is not only on the rise, it shows no sign of stopping.

Got a rare opportunity to have an evening out a newer place with the wife, and for that we chose The Farm House.

I’ll have to admit, I was a little on edge as we were bringing the kids, a risky proposition for a 2- and 4-year-old, but not only did the kids do a great job, the staff went above and beyond to take care of them, which ultimately brought the experience to a whole new level.  Kudos to them and I hope that it is the standard.  I was also a little nervous because we were taking out-of-town guests to a brand new restaurant and they were also trying to make a show – again, no problems there, either.

My biggest fear is that there seems to be a trend forming in Nashville.  Each new restaurant seems to be the whole sustainable, local, “spin on a Southern favorite”, bacon, lard, wood, more pork products, etc etc.  I’m worried that we’ll hit some sort of critical mass that will involve some sort of hipster server implosion.



I mean frankly – I’d just settle for a decent Chinese or Italian restaurant (actually, we just got Sardinia and it is ON POINT).  And please, no more damn burger joints.  Seriously.  We’re good.

Okay, where was I? Right.  The Farm House.  So, here’s what I thought:

Farm House – The Yelp review

I think that this place is going to be really good when it hits its stride.

Being that it hasn’t even been open a month, I am very impressed with where they are so far.

Headed out here to visit my step mom and her friend before they spend a night with the cult of Bublé. I had read a bunch of reviews on it comparing it to Rolf and Daughters and Husk among other places – those analogies are simply wrong. This joint will at the end of the day be a solid place to eat before a show at The Schermerhorn or Bridgestone, and will not be a destination restaurant.

A nice flight of eggs - very tasty

A nice flight of eggs – very tasty

The beer cheese toast thing with carmelized leeks

The beer cheese toast thing with carmelized leeks

From my meal, there were certainly high points, the deviled eggs are a must, and I was really pleased with the short ribs – EXCEPT FOR ONE DETAIL. This was just shy of a $30 entrée.. I got 5 sad little onions. And a few errant fava beans. That’s it. There might have been a spit’s worth of red wine reduction, but it could have been missed. Really? That’s all you’re going to pair your short ribs with? Oh wait, I could have ordered some extra side dishes at $7 a pop?  I call shenanigans.

Short ribs so rich THEY MADE THE ROOM DARK!

Short ribs so rich THEY MADE THE ROOM DARK!

I had a chance to try one of my dining partner’s entrees, the burger. What the hell is up with these dry-ass hamburger buns everyone seems to be gravitating towards? Trust me, if Pharmacy is your benchmark, you need to change your benchmark. Dry. As. Hell. And the cornmeal-encrusted bacon on it was a nice touch, but not enough to save the dryyyyyy buns. DO NOT GET THE BURGER. Unless you brought your own bun. In which case, carry on.

Blah blah blah farm to table, sustainable, etc etc. Yay – again, noble aspirations do not make for noble dining, but hey, you can feel good when you pay the bill. They are clearly still working out the kinks in the beer and cocktail program – would like to see where this all goes. The wife was plenty happy with her veggie plate, overall. Would probably still head to Etch if it were between this place and them, unless I wanted to go more casual.

Service was top-notch with our server April – she made a point of making sure our children got taken care of first. And ultimately we needed to order them more food. She was really the reason that bumped this experience from a 3 to 4 star situation. Love the ambiance, hated what I paid for dinner considering.

Does have valet parking (which was kind of a hot mess) but does not go late, so if your show is long, you might want to consider different options.

The Farm House on Urbanspoon


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2 comments on “The Farm House – Yep, it’s a new restaurant

  1. Robin
    November 22, 2013

    I totally agree with everything you wrote. We went last night and we had appetizers, soup, entree, dessert and very weak cocktails. The food came out like it was shot from a rocket and our empty dishes disappeared within seconds. Really. We arrived at 6:10 and were in our car at 7:30. That’s a tad too fast for my blood. I wish them the best, but I think they need to pop a few more veggies on those giant plates.

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