PWI–Parenting While Intoxicated

…on good food, questionable judgment, and making life work

You’re going to be on TV… no, really.

It’s the final countdown… Sparky is on tonight @ 9:30 Eastern /8:30 Central and if you’re in Mountain or Pacific you’re just on your own. Cooking Channel, friends. #logonandeat #edeneats

PWI--Parenting While Intoxicated

So, I write a LOT of reviews for Yelp.  And as it turns out, people generally like them.  Unless it is a business owner that I am crucifying.

Yes, I have a tendency to be what some would call “an asshole”, but I prefer to tell it like it is.  Look. not everyone deserves to run a business.  That’s ok.  There are plenty of other things to do in this life.  And nothing pisses me off more than when I get a precious night out with my wife and some restaurant screws it up either through bad service, bad food, or both.

I started writing reviews for Yelp for two reasons.  The answer I generally tell people is that I was raised foodie, and my parents had us poring through Zagat guides when we were in Elementary school.  It’s a great creative outlet for me and allows me to…

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About Sparky

Sparky is a salaryman for an unspecified Fortune 200 company. But more importantly, he has a smoking jacket and entertains fellow bon vivants in his secret lair, The Manitarium. He believes in booze, charcuterie, bbq, bourbon, villainy, craft cocktails, ascots, the Oxford comma, and freedom. He is married to a beautiful attorney who is a life-long vegetarian and was raised as an experiment by her meddling nutrition scientist parents. He can be found trying to save his kids from a life of vegetables...

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